Must-Have Items for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day BBQ

Memorial Day weekend is around the corner,Memorial Day BBQ and most of us can’t wait to kick off the summer by kicking back with friends and family over the long weekend. If you’ve started your packing but don’t know what to bring, not to worry. Today we’re revealing our list of the quintessential Must-Have Items for Memorial Day weekend.

  • Outdoor Games. Classic outdoor games like Horseshoes, Badminton, Volleyball, and Football can be played with crowds of any size, and guests of any age.
  • American Flag Apparel. A patriotic must-have for any proud Memorial Day party-goer, American Flag apparel lets you wear your pride on your sleeve.
  • Portable Beverage Cooler. Keep your drinks cool on a hot day with a portable beverage cooler. With so many models available (including “floating” coolers that can sit next to you in the pool or lake), you’re bound to find one to chill with.
  • Portable Docking Station. Perfect for listening to music while sitting at the beach, or entertaining in your backyard, a portable docking station is a necessity for outdoor get togethers.
  • Barbecue-Safe Meat Thermometer. What’s memorial day without a meal cooked in the outdoors, over an open flame? A barbecue safe digital meat thermometer ensures that your meat is cooked to perfection, every time.
  • Slow Cook Grill Basket. For smaller, harder to grill items like shrimp or chopped veggies, a grill basket efficiently cooks while keeping the ingredients above the racks.
  • Sunscreen. It might still be early in the season, but protecting your skin from the sun is important, all year long.

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